Church Street in Calvinia
Church Street in Calvinia

The annual Hantam Meat festival is a reflection of the Calvinians love of all things carnivorous. The festival takes place every August to coincide with the flower season and attracts a faithful following of similarly minded carnivores from around South Africa who come to Calvinia to enjoy the excellent local hospitality, culture and of course some of the best meat dishes to be found. Traditional dishes are the order of the day with a variety of conventional and somewhat unusual meat dishes on offer over the four days of the festival. Braaivleis (barbecued meat), sosaties (kebabs), wors (home-made sausage) and potjiekos (meat stew cooked over a fire in a three legged cast iron pot) are some of the more conventional offerings. Pofadders and skilpadjies (sheep intestines stuffed with liver and mutton), kliprib (mutton rib), kaiings (barbecued pork crackling) and roosterkoek (griddle-cakes), sheep heads, testicles and tails are some of the more unusual offerings. After a lot of feasting the Miss Meat Festival is crowned.

Restaurant Telephone Number
Hantam Huis Restaurant +27 (0)27 341-1606
Kontrei Kombuis Restaurant (Calvinia Hotel) +27 (0)84 476-7703
Calvinian Country Lodge Restaurant +27 (0)76 292-5597
Hantam Kraal Restaurant +27 (0)27 341-2247
Die Blou Nartjie Restaurant +27 (0)27 341-1263